Customer Testimonials

We had a critical delivery for several hundred castings that were needed quickly with a fast approaching deadline.  We considered sourcing them from overseas, but the quoted leadtime was 22 weeks; Alcast built a new pattern, cast samples, and then produced the parts over the Christmas holidays, all in less than five weeks.
~Susan, Senior Purchaser, Procurement Division

For 17 years, Alcast Foundry has been our supplier for our custom electrical enclosures and brackets and numerous other castings for various equipment.  Their leadtimes and prices are good, but mainly we stay with them because the people are so great to work with.  Their ongoing involvment and support has been such a great help to our people here, and has really given us a better understanding of the process.  No other vendor has taken the time to educate and partner with us that way.
~Robert, President and Cheif Executive Officer

Alcast Foundry returned one of our more complex castings for pre-production approval, which I think is their standard practice, and they had a question. That enabled us to go to our design engineer for his advice, and he made the appropriate changes.  Alcast revised the casting, and talk about fast.  They really are a great company to work with.
~Allen, Project Manager