Our Team

Alcast can take your casting design process from prototype sampling to high quantity production castings, all in a time frame that keeps you out in front of your competition. This type of superior quality and responsive service keeps Alcast Foundry ahead of its competition.

Alcast’s ability to produce both low and high volume casting orders has attracted clients throughout BC and Alberta and throughout Canada, the U.S. as well as internationally.

It’s this unprecedented work ethic and determination that has kept Alcast Foundry not only afloat, but leading the pack in terms of product quality, innovation, and production times in comparison to competing foundries.

Why has Alcast Foundry been so successful, we know there is no substitute for superior aluminum castings, no matter what the size of the operation. We feel that delivering a consistently excellent product on time will ensure our clients trust in us.

No project is too hard or too easy, too small, or too big, at Alcast Foundry, whether you require 10 or 10,000 castings, we’re the experts you’ve been looking for.


Alcast Foundry was established in 1985 and is a BC owned and operated business. Improvements to the facilities, equipment and quality of castings have been constantly at the forefront of our drive to providing a quality service to all our customers, on time and within budget.

Being centrally situated in British Columbia, we have been able to offer very competitve pricing and a quick casting turnaround, without large overheads that are encountered in major cities, such as; Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Edmonton and Calgary.


With three furnaces, we are able to make castings from a few ounces to many hundreds of pounds. Customers are able to order from just a few castings to several thousand pieces a month. Since moving to our larger premises, we now have the capability to make much larger and heavier castings and easily service the larger orders, without affecting the personal and fast service we provide to our existing clients.


Our quality policy is to achieve industry leadership by delivering high quality, competitively priced products, on time with excellent service. This is accomplished through continuous improvements in products and processes while working closely with employees, customers and suppliers.


Quality testing is continuous throughout every Alcast process. That’s how we maintain one of the lowest customer return rates in the industry.

Castings are produced to a very high standard. Integrity and critical tolerances for pouring, temperatures for pouring, gating and risering are ensured through the casting process. Continuous process inspections are done rigorously by our employees, performing in-process inspections using a wide range of methods, upholding the latest quality control procedures.

The employees of Alcast Foundry are committed to providing a quality product on time, every time. We will provide the best possible value to our customers.